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Chasing Oblivion

The Continuing Adventures of a Writer/Shemsu/Fangirl/Etc.

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Location:Calgary, AB, Canada
Hey people.

Name's Shelby. I'm just another one of those people who likes to talk to the internet a whole lot. I'm an aspiring writer. I've reached the OMG-you-crazy point in my Transformers collecting. I'm forever curious and forever baffled about life around me.

I am also a Shemsu in the Kemetic Orthodox faith. I am a daughter of Yinepu-Wepwawet and Bast, beloved of Djehuty. My Shemsu name is Katawysenu, which means "The Handiwork of Two".

If you like to read rants about the meagre state of one's writing talent, watch a fangirl go crazy over a new toy she's finally found, or just observe one's musings about life and faith in general, this might be a good place to hang around.
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